Senior’s Best Exercise is Swimming

senior's best exercise is swimming
Senior swimmer enjoying the water!

It’s been said the a senior’s best exercise is swimming. I don’t believe the ones doing it would disagree as it’s one of the favorite types of exercise for seniors.. It’s also one of the safest as you can’t fall or lose your balance.

During this article you’ll learn why it’s a favorite & also the benefits of it.

Not everyone has access to a pool, lake or the ocean, but most seniors do or can make arrangements to access a place to swim

Senior’s best exercise is swimming for health benefits 

  • Your heart health is improved as swimming is instrumental in making your heart bigger & stronger. This does wonders for your cardio stamina & fitness.
  • Because water gives you support which helps provide a low-impact along with an almost weightless feeling as you exercise.
  • Many of the water exercises are designed to increase your flexibility.
  • You will also gain muscle strength & overall tone
  • By joining a water aerobics class you’ll likely improve your mental health.

Senior’s best exercise is swimming and water exercises 

Water walking, Arm circles, Wall chair & Leg swings are just a few of the exercises you can do in water.

American Senior Communities has a great blog that explains how to do each of the exercises along with other great information on water exercising. This is their web address.

 Where to do water exercises.

Short answer-Almost any place there’s water. Actually there are many places besides having you own pool. Many seniors live in mobile home parks that have pools. The local YMCA usually has a pool & have water exercise classes for seniors. Health clubs are that expensive for what you get: a pool & exercise lessons & all kinds of regular exercise equipment.

Of course there are lakes, rivers and the ocean. Look around & I’m sure you find somewhere to get your exercise. 

Words from an expert 

Dafna Merom, an associate professor of physical activity and health at the University of Western Sydney in Australia said in a study, “Unlike [with] land-based sports, swimmers have to create their own base of support.  At the same time, they have to produce movements that are coordinated with both upper and lower extremities.”

Equipment needed

The only thing really needed is a swim suit although some people like to wear a shower cap. Many seniors like a flotation belt or a pool noodle & use them in some of the exercises.

In Summary 

I believe almost everyone agrees that a seniors best exercise is swimming. Swimming & water exercising go hand in hand with some of both probably being the most beneficial. A lot of seniors do have balancing problems & the water will keep them from falling.

I don’t think anyone has been hurt while working out or swimming in water but I have known a few people who have had problems while exercising on land or jogging/walking.

Have you been thinking about working out or walking but just can’t bring yourself to start? Is your regular exercise getting boring & you’re finding excuses to skip or shorten them? If either of these sounds familiar I would suggest you check out water as a place to exercise senior’s best exercise is swimming.

Try to join a class. This makes the workout more fun as you can interact with people which could possibly give you a more positive outlook on life. If you can’t find a class there are many places on the internet to find exercises to do & how to do them.

Water may be a little intimidating at first but it won’t take long before you’re wondering why you didn’t do this before now. What are you waiting for, get started today.

Once you have got some swimming under your best and discovered you are the fastest swimming in the group you might want to check out competitive swimming for seniors.

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