Senior Online Marketers-A Website is key

Senior Online Marketer can work anywhere. Do you really need a website?The answer to this question is a resounding-YES!

Senior online marketers must have a website even there are promos online that promise to make you rich without one. No matter what they told you it’s a must for marketing if you really want to be successful in online marketing.

Most of these site’s claims don’t live up to their hype and are just there to relieve you of your money.

No matter what you see you will need a web site to showcase and sell the products for any type of online business you are planning to build . It doesn’t matter if you are going to be establishing a physical product business, selling your own products such as a book you wrote, an affiliate for a company selling any type of product or many other types of products you want to build a business around.

A website will still be needed even if you are selling books on Kindle because how else are you going to have an author page, etc. Even if you are building a Shopify store you still need a website.

If you’re a freelancer you need a website to show your portfolio to showcase what you do & tell possible clients about it. There is no way around it, you have to have a website. When you are starting out, having a website is more important than at any other time.

If you sell products on Ebay or somewhere similar you might get by without a website. You should still build one to increase your income & not being put out of business if you lose your account with them.

Let’s find out why building a website fora senior online marketer is the best way to go.

  • Building a website is easy

It used to be you had to be proficient in HTML or Dreamweaver to make an website & upload it. Today you can join a program that will almost build it for you.   & have it up & running in minutes.

Wealthy Affiliate is such a program. You can join them for free & they will teach you how to build a website on WordPress & also furnish you with a domain & hosting to build up to 2 websites. It’s so easy that in no time your site can be active.  They do have an upgrade with more bells & whistles but can stay free if you want.

Building your website is easy for most seniors with Wealthy Affiliate as they have very simple instructions to do it. I’m living proof as I’m 84 & it was a piece of cake.


  • It lets you consistently give valuable content

With a website you own you can keep adding additional content & giving value to your readers. It will be a place where subscribers can find you & learn the latest information.

As an example, when you put videos of your product or service on YouTube, you will also have a website where you can give more tips about other services or products you offer. You are able of offer valuable content which may not fit in with your videos & the content you have written will be much more valuable.


  • A senior online marketer’s website Increases authority & credibility

Having your own website automatically gives you an increased amount of authority & credibility with your readers.  Nowadays most successful senior online marketer has a personal or a business website. To build a business that has credibility you’ve got to have a website. Today having a website is a must and not just a choice.

You’ll look like an amateur or beginner if you don’t have one and much of your potential customers trust and confidence will have been lost. If you are a beginning senior online marketer you definitely need one.

They’re so easy to build there is no excuse for not having at least a simple one. You will be able to build it up as you get more experience and are able to learn what your potential customers are expecting.

  • Great place to get leads

Your website is a great place to start building your lead list. You can put opt in forms on your website and give away some sort of freebie or have an invite to join your newsletter. Having a list that you’ve build yourself from your website is the best kind and having a website is one of the fastest ways of doing it.

 You’ll have more chances to sell

With your own website you can offer a lot of related products giving you a chance to sell more. Not only can you sell more but you have the ability to become an affiliate for other things such as tours and reviews of products you sell on the website. There is no end of things to do with your own website.

  • To summarize

Website prices range all the way from free (on Wealthy Affiliate) to many hundreds of dollars. From the points mentioned in this article, you’ll realize that it’s not about whether you can afford to have a website. It’s about whether you can afford NOT to have one.

If you plan to make a profitable online business you must have a website. Most of the time you need a great domain name together with a hosting account then install WordPress & you can start filling it with blogs or products or both.

You can do this for less that $25 but if you don’t to put any money out before you learn if you can make money then you should go to Wealthy Affiliate & sign up for free. Like I mentioned before you can use their domain & hosting to build your first website. If you think you did something wrong it hasn’t cost you anything.

The great thing about doing it this way is they teach you everything you need to know about websites in easy steps.

Building a website could be the beginning of your online empire & it’s only restricted by your imagination…but remember it starts with your first website.

If you have questions or need help contact me at or see me on Wealthy Affiliate.

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