Senior Exercises to Stop Early Deaths

Senior exercise to stop early deaths
Senior exercise

Senior exercises to stop early deaths in modern times is likely what Hippocrates had in mind when he became the first doctor on record to acknowledge the value of exercise for patients with “consumption”.

Exactly what was known as “consumption” back in his time is not clear. Today it would be explained as a persons body wasting away from lack of exercise.

In present day senior exercises to stop early deaths  is being used as the main “medicine” for the prevention of many lingering diseases especially among seniors. There is even new evidence showing the lessened risk of overall death rates is being realized by exercising.

I believe the need for exercise by seniors is much greater than  for younger people. A senior’s  activity is normally is usually much less than for the young. Younger people get more exercise just from their daily routine, such as working & tending to children.

The British Medical Journal  did a study of more than 36,000 adults, 40 years & older for 6 years. They determined the adults when exercising on a regular basis, on various degrees of intensity, had less risk of dying. The flip side of the coin was that people who sat for over 9 hours in a day had an increased risk of dying.

The study also determined that when people did more exercise each day their rate of death had a lower rate of progression. It found that the progression happened whether the person had light or medium physical activities.

Light activities are such things a walking slowly, washing dishes, etc. while medium were things like walking briskly, mowing the lawn, etc.

A study published by the European Heart Journal said without any physical activity that a person’s chances of a heart attack were doubled. It also said that exercising regularly would keep it from happening.

In another study published in Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine it was possible that potential deadly diabetes could be prevented. The study also said diabetes could possibly reversed by exercising.

“Exercise is one of the first management strategies advised for patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes,” say the study authors. “Exercise training, whether aerobic or resistance training or a combination, facilitates glucose regulation.”

“Not exercising also worsens diabetes as well as increases your risk of death,” Dr. Gabe Mirkin M.D., author of “The Healthy Heart Miracle” and a leading sports medicine physician, tells Newsmax. Mirkin also said, “Most cases of diabetes are caused primarily by excess fat stored in the liver and muscles. The tissues aren’t able to remove extra  sugar from the bloodstream due to the extra fat.  By removing more fat from the liver many cases of diabetes could be cured.  So the longer you exercise, the more fat you get rid from the muscles and the liver.”

Mirkin suggests that people who have little time to exercise might benefit from some intense exercise sets. After each exercise set they should rest rather than do the continuous exercising.

Senior exercise to stop early deaths
Senior exercise
Senior Exercises to stop early deaths

Senior exercise to stop early deaths should be foremost in senior’s minds as they need  to get exercise everyday. Things like walking briskly up stairs, jogging to catch a bus, walking as fast as you can, etc.

Mainly increase the briskness of all your everyday activities and make them into exercises. If you can’t increase the intensity of your activity try to do as much as you can.

Probably the main way of increasing your life expectancy and preventing many diseases is just to keep moving. A sure way of killing yourself is to lie in bed for hours each day. Just moving around your house will help. It’s okay if you need a walker because at least you’re moving & staying alive.

Senior exercises to stop early deaths will pump blood to your heart. The more you exercise the more blood goes to the heart. This makes it work harder to send the extra blood back out which causes the heart to get stronger.

Every day you don’t spend moving causes your heart to weaken until you could eventually die from heart failure.

All the experts tend to agree that exercise will extend your life. It’s not necessary to have a regulated or systematic exercise program although its helpful. Just remember the secret is to keep moving.

My older next door neighbor is confined to a wheel chair but still does upper body exercises to keep his blood pumping instead of just sitting around waiting to die.

There is no excuse for lack of some senior exercises to stop early death or activities every day. Like it has been mentioned before, it doesn’t have to be a lot or very intensive to be beneficial. Just do it.

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