Senior Exercises for Fitness Vital to Aging

Senior exercise for fitness
A senior working on fitness with exercise

Senior exercises for fitness is something you need to do as you get older. Exercise is good for you, is something we’ve heard time & again. It’s probably truer for senior citizens than it is for other age groups. A person is never too old to start a exercise fitness program even if it’s just a few minutes a day.

Do little things like parking further away from the store, walking up stairs or working in the garden. These activities  will help you increase your stamina, get stronger & improve your fitness overall.

If you are able you should think about doing exercise such as swimming, weight training or any type of sports. This article is designed to help seniors exercise for fitness.

The benefits of senior exercises for fitness

Putting exercise & physical activities in your day can benefit your life in so many ways. Senior exercises for fitness on a regular basis will help increase your balance andcimprove or retain your fitness & strength.

Your mood may improve and it could help minimize the impact of depression, heart disease, or osteoporosis.

How many seniors are exercising.

Even with the confirmed benefits, the rates of senior exercises for  fitness and physical activities are unusually low. Just 30% of persons between the ages of 45 to 64 admit to regular planned physical activities. Seniors with ages between 65 & 74 is only 15%. Seniors older than 85 see a drop to 5%.

There are four basic types of senior exercises for fitness recommended by experts. These  are Balance, Strength, Flexibility &  Endurance.


  • You can prevent falls, a major health problem for seniors, with balance exercises. These include different exercises done on 1 leg. You will likely have to hold on to something when you begin these.


  • Weight lifting & resistance band exercises help increase your muscle strength so it’s easier to carry groceries or lift the grand kids.


  • Stretching & flexing every part of your body are great exercises to aid in flexibility. It makes things like bending down to tie your shoes or reach something on the top shelf easier.


  • Ways to increase your endurance include dancing, brisk walking & swimming. These  can improve your heart, lungs & your overall circulatory system. They can also make it easier for you to climb stairs, mow the lawn & engage in your other daily activities.

An expert opinion

Dr. Richard J. Hodes, director of NIH’s National Institute on Aging, stated that, “Even if you haven’t been active previously, it’s important to get started and stay active,” he says. “We know that people want to live independently for as long as they possibly can.

Dr. Hodes also said, “By exercising regularly and including more physical activity in their daily routine, older people can preserve their physical functions,  which is key to doing the everyday things they want to do.”

Free exercise book

To aid you in getting started with your fitness routine NIH gathered some national leading experts on motivation, exercise & aging. With their expertise a guide was produced for senior exercises. It’s a guideline for the campaign for a nationwide physical activity & exercise program for persons 50 older. It’s called Go4Life.

Dr. Hodes says, “Even older persons with physical limits can safely exercise.”

Go4Life is part of a study which shows the advantages of older people exercising more and doing their activities a little more physically. This is true for all all older people even those with lingering health problems.

Go4Life has designed the exercises to be done safely at home. It’s not necessary to have any special equipment or clothing to do these exercises. Pick up the free book Exercise & Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging . This is the campaigns basic resource.

There are more free items, like tip sheets, available. Get the Workout to Go, which is a small guide to exercise, and can be used to be active anywhere & anytime.

To Summarize

I hope this article has made you realize you need to start exercising. If you have a present program you need to stick with it or even step it up some. Just remember you don’t have to go all out on your exercising. Any amount of physical movement will help. Senior exercise for fitness should be your primary goal, so get started today.

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