Failed Online Marketing-The 4 Reasons

 Online Marketing Failure
Failed Online Marketing


By solving the 4 causes you’ll find your failed online marketing paying off in ways you never thought possible!

These causes are really not that hard to solve. They are things you need to have to be successful with online marketing.

Get started on them right away & before you know it you’ll have them all solved.

Here are the 4 main problems although there are undoubtedly more:

Not building your email list

If you are struggling like many of the newcomers to online marketing you can probably trace the problem to a lack of leads to send your offer to. It doesn’t matter what great marketing tool you are using, if you don’t have a good lead list you are probably not going to make any money.

If you have money, building a list is easy because you can pay for your leads. If you are low on funds like many internet marketers then you will need to get your leads for free. If you have the time this is a good way to get started.

Having a website is a good way to get leads as you can have free products, instructive content and just a place that makes people feel good so they want to join you.

Not driving enough traffic

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website & you should use them all. If you are just starting out and have no money then you need to use social media, free traffic sites, comment on forums, blogging plus any others where you can get your name in front of people. Of course if you have money then it becomes much easier as you can buy leads and pay for ads.

Promoting all the wrong stuff

Even though you think what you have to offer is the greatest thing since sliced bread it may be wrong for the people you are trying to sell it to. Just because it seems good to you doesn’t mean it will be good for everyone. Try to find places to make offers that are compatible with what you’re offering.

Not engaging with others

You must communicate with people who show an interest in what you are trying to sell. When you are able to engage with someone don’t try to sell them right away. Get to know the people you are engaging with and find out what they are interested in. Help them solve problems with what you are selling but be subtle about it. When someone joins your list or even just wants more information you have to work with them like they are your best friend.


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