9 Types of Senior Fitness Tested Equipment

Equipment used for senior fitness
Senior fitness in action

A great thing about about gaining senior fitness is you don’t need any special equipment. You can get started for free from home all the way up to a gym membership or spend a couple of thousand for equipment to put in your basement.

I believe the older you get the more you need to stay fit. Not just execise but any kind of activity is good for you. By staying fit you will hold off death that much longer.

Equipment for senior exercise takes many forms as you’ll see as you this article.

Below you’ll find information about many kinds of workout equipment for senior fitness.


Workout with items from around the house.

Just because you’re strapped for money doesn’t mean you can’t start a fitness program. You can start out with a couple of cans of soup & just keep working up with bigger cans or gallons of water. I’m sure you can find things that weigh more as you progress.

I read a story where a boy who wanted to get stronger but had no money to buy equipment so he fastened a concrete block to each end of a broom handle.

So you see there is a way where there’s a will.

Body weight exercises

This is doing exercises using just your body weight. You can do exercises like push-ups. These can be done in a lot of different ways such as starting on your knees using a chair and  & progressing to regular on the floor ones.

Dips are another one using a chair & bringing your knees up to start then extending your legs.

These are just 2 examples. I’m sure you can a lot more on Google.

Chair exercises

These are good for people that are disabled or unsteady on their feet. You can build upper body strength as well as increasing stamina and overall fitness. You can also do some leg exercises if you are somewhat mobile. There are even people who do their exercises from their wheelchair.   

Rubber cable & bands

This is a relatively inexpensive way to start exercising from home. They come in different strengths & can be used in many different ways & in the same motions as iron weights.

Iron weights  

These are what most people think about when they hear about exercising. One good thing about them they are fairly cheap, Just go to a few garage sales & you likely find all you need.

Weights can be used in many different ways to build muscle or stamina throughout your body. 

Running, jogging or walking

Depending on your fitness or goals there is a type of movement type for everyone. These are mostly for your lower body but you also get increased stamina & overall fitness.

This will also be a type of body weight exercise.


These are another way of exercising & increasing stamina. You can have them in your house & use them while watching television or reading. They are a good backup when the weather doesn’t allow outdoor activity.

Below you’ll find other  ways to use your body weight.

Equipment being used for senior fitness
Using a treadmill for senior fitness

Exercise bikes

These are similar to treadmills in that you use your legs for exercise & building stamina. The difference is that you’re sitting down. You can also watch tv or read while pedaling away.

Mechanical exercise equipment

If you would rather work out at home rather than going to a gym there literally dozens of machines that do what the bands, body weight & weights do, but just a lot more efficiently.

You can pick some of these fairly cheap at garage sales or spend a couple of thousand for new ones.

Joining a gym means you will have many different machines along with free weight and cardio programs just to name a few advantages to a gym membership. The amount of money you spend is small compared to the benefits you receive.

Senior Fitness Summary

No matter what equipment or program exercise you use, even in small amounts or with no weight, is good for you.

If you are into building big muscles or just want to keep fit or get fitter there is equipment available for you. It ranges from free to a few thousand dollars.

Don’t use age or mobility as an excuse for not getting some exercise.

If you would like to look and feel better but don’t think you can do a regular workout, remember you can with a minimum amount of workout then increase the amount & time gradually.

No matter what get moving.

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