Competitive Swimming For Seniors

Competitive swimming for seniors
He’s ready to start swimming

The other day I was doing research for senior swimming and ran across something I had never thought about. I know how good swimming & pool aerobics are for senior fitness. I though about it and realized  competitive swimming for seniors might be even better exercise.

Getting Started with Competitive Swimming For Seniors

Maybe you aren’t interested in competing against others but if you are then this is for you. If you are now doing laps or pool aerobics competitive swimming might be a natural progression.

Once you’ve decided to move forward you should check into joining the groups below. These are the main ones but look at Google for competitive swimming for seniors & you’ll find some local groups.

U.S. Masters Swimming

There is an organized adult swimming program for adult called U. S Masters Swimming. It’s  an organized program of competitive swimming for seniors and other adults. It was founded in 1970 & is a nonprofit membership national governing body. Although it is for all ages you will find that it is a good organization to join if you plan to compete in swimming.

Google U.S. Masters Swimming or got to their website to get more information.

National Senior Games Association-Swimming

This organization is kind of like the Olympics but features competitive swimming for seniors only. There are qualifying meets in almost every state.

Here is their website where you can get more information.


With competitive swimming for senior, like every sport, you’ll do more exercising than competing. Although exercising in the water will be the most fun. Exercising on land is going to be an essential part of your program as you may not have access to a pool all the time.

Dryland exercises include such exercises as Flutter Kicks, Squats, Planks, Jump Rope & Medicine Ball.

To learn more about these & how to do them, go to this website or just go to Google to find more.

Pool exercises include such a number of exercises I won’t try to name them all.

Here is a great site with 40 different exercises covering every type of swimming competition.  ,as usual go to Google for more information.

Competitive swimming for seniors Training 

Dryland exercise Although not much equipment is needed for most of your training. If you have access to  exercise equipment such as rubber cables, iron weights, treadmill, etc. it’ll be helpful.

If you have access to a gym you will find all of these there.

Pool exercise Again not much is needed for a good training program. Some of what’s available are Aqua Dumbbells, Water Jogging Belt, Pool Noodle  &  AquaLogix Resistance Fins.

Check out Google for more information. 

Competitive swimming for senior coaching 

When you’re starting out you probably won’t need a coach but it won’t hurt to have one. If you can find a group that is into competition join them as they will probably have a coach.

As you progress up the competition ladder coaching will become a lot more important, so around & find one you can learn from.

In conclusion

Competitive swimming for seniors
Competition swimming

Swimming & pool exercise is probably the best exercise for seniors. Sometimes just swimming gets boring so you should join a pool aerobics group.

Because most people are competitive by nature your natural progression is to have friendly races. What can you do if you find that you don’t have much competition? It might be time to check in competitive swimming for seniors.

Most of the time you can find a swim club, YMCA or gym with a pool close enough to go to on a regular basis.

If they don’t have an organized program for competition swimming for seniors, you should think about starting one. I’ll think you’ll be surprised at the amount of interest in this.

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