Best Senior’s Walking Shoes Review



Best Seniors Walking Shoes

If you are a senior walker you probably know the importance of having the best seniors walking shoes you can find. It’s especially important for seniors to have special shoes as they are more likely to have foot or leg problems.

Senior’s Foot and Leg Problems

It is said that approximately 80 percent of senior have foot problems. The most common problem is shoes that don’t fit right.

Are your feet in so much pain you can’t walk? There are 2 things you can try to make the pain go away. One is that you can go to a podiatrist who’ll take a look at your problem.

Most likely the podiatrist will determine that you need custom inserts made. This is after measuring your ankle angle so molds can be be made of your feet and the inserts manufactured. This is a lot of trouble and can be quite expensive.

My advice is before you do that order a pain of the G-Defy Mighty Walk shoes. These are the best seniors walking shoes. Try them out with the 30 Day Home Try-On offer. If they don’t have you walking without pain then return them within 30 days. Your transaction is not even completed until the 30 days is up.


If you suffer from any of the painful conditions found below G-DEFY MIGHTY WALK will make it easy for you to walk again. They are without a doubt the best seniors walking shoes in the world today.

Wouldn’t it be great to put on a pair of G-Defy shoes and as you head out know you will have a pain free walk? Your G-Defy shoes will defeat any or all of the problems listed below.

Plantar Fasciitis


Joint Pain

Heel Spurs

Back & Knee Pain



Best Senior's Walking Shoes


85% Less Knee Pain

91% Less Back Pain

92% Less Ankle Pain

75% Less Foot Pain

*Results of a double-blind study conducted by Olive View UCLA Medical Center

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In conclusion

Have you had to give up walking or couldn’t even start a walking programs? Was it because of one or more of the painful foot or leg problems you have to endure?

If so this is your lucky day because you are learning about the best walking shoe for seniors to be found.

Order a pair of G-DEFY MIGHTY WALK SHOES today and try them out. If you don’t think they the best shoes you’ve ever had on return them. You have 30 days to convince yourself that these are the best walking shoes for seniors.

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Failed Online Marketing-The 4 Reasons

 Online Marketing Failure
Failed Online Marketing


By solving the 4 causes you’ll find your failed online marketing paying off in ways you never thought possible!

These causes are really not that hard to solve. They are things you need to have to be successful with online marketing.

Get started on them right away & before you know it you’ll have them all solved.

Here are the 4 main problems although there are undoubtedly more:

Not building your email list

If you are struggling like many of the newcomers to online marketing you can probably trace the problem to a lack of leads to send your offer to. It doesn’t matter what great marketing tool you are using, if you don’t have a good lead list you are probably not going to make any money.

If you have money, building a list is easy because you can pay for your leads. If you are low on funds like many internet marketers then you will need to get your leads for free. If you have the time this is a good way to get started.

Having a website is a good way to get leads as you can have free products, instructive content and just a place that makes people feel good so they want to join you.

Not driving enough traffic

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website & you should use them all. If you are just starting out and have no money then you need to use social media, free traffic sites, comment on forums, blogging plus any others where you can get your name in front of people. Of course if you have money then it becomes much easier as you can buy leads and pay for ads.

Promoting all the wrong stuff

Even though you think what you have to offer is the greatest thing since sliced bread it may be wrong for the people you are trying to sell it to. Just because it seems good to you doesn’t mean it will be good for everyone. Try to find places to make offers that are compatible with what you’re offering.

Not engaging with others

You must communicate with people who show an interest in what you are trying to sell. When you are able to engage with someone don’t try to sell them right away. Get to know the people you are engaging with and find out what they are interested in. Help them solve problems with what you are selling but be subtle about it. When someone joins your list or even just wants more information you have to work with them like they are your best friend.


If one or all of these are your problems maybe you need to go back to the basics. Now Lifestyle can help you do that. NLS does most of the work for you. Your job is just to interact with people and invite them to join you in getting healthier and wealthier. Check it out below.

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If you are just getting started & would like to put up a website and do affiliate marketing then here is a site that will help you do that. Wealthy Affiliate is free to join. They will teach you all the basics and even help you build a website, all for free. You won’t need a domain, hosting or any other thing to get started.

You have nothing to lose & everything to gain.


Senior Exercises to Stop Early Deaths

Senior exercise to stop early deaths
Senior exercise

Senior exercises to stop early deaths in modern times is likely what Hippocrates had in mind when he became the first doctor on record to acknowledge the value of exercise for patients with “consumption”.

Exactly what was known as “consumption” back in his time is not clear. Today it would be explained as a persons body wasting away from lack of exercise.

In present day senior exercises to stop early deaths  is being used as the main “medicine” for the prevention of many lingering diseases especially among seniors. There is even new evidence showing the lessened risk of overall death rates is being realized by exercising.

I believe the need for exercise by seniors is much greater than  for younger people. A senior’s  activity is normally is usually much less than for the young. Younger people get more exercise just from their daily routine, such as working & tending to children.

The British Medical Journal  did a study of more than 36,000 adults, 40 years & older for 6 years. They determined the adults when exercising on a regular basis, on various degrees of intensity, had less risk of dying. The flip side of the coin was that people who sat for over 9 hours in a day had an increased risk of dying.

The study also determined that when people did more exercise each day their rate of death had a lower rate of progression. It found that the progression happened whether the person had light or medium physical activities.

Light activities are such things a walking slowly, washing dishes, etc. while medium were things like walking briskly, mowing the lawn, etc.

A study published by the European Heart Journal said without any physical activity that a person’s chances of a heart attack were doubled. It also said that exercising regularly would keep it from happening.

In another study published in Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine it was possible that potential deadly diabetes could be prevented. The study also said diabetes could possibly reversed by exercising.

“Exercise is one of the first management strategies advised for patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes,” say the study authors. “Exercise training, whether aerobic or resistance training or a combination, facilitates glucose regulation.”

“Not exercising also worsens diabetes as well as increases your risk of death,” Dr. Gabe Mirkin M.D., author of “The Healthy Heart Miracle” and a leading sports medicine physician, tells Newsmax. Mirkin also said, “Most cases of diabetes are caused primarily by excess fat stored in the liver and muscles. The tissues aren’t able to remove extra  sugar from the bloodstream due to the extra fat.  By removing more fat from the liver many cases of diabetes could be cured.  So the longer you exercise, the more fat you get rid from the muscles and the liver.”

Mirkin suggests that people who have little time to exercise might benefit from some intense exercise sets. After each exercise set they should rest rather than do the continuous exercising.

Senior exercise to stop early deaths
Senior exercise
Senior Exercises to stop early deaths

Senior exercise to stop early deaths should be foremost in senior’s minds as they need  to get exercise everyday. Things like walking briskly up stairs, jogging to catch a bus, walking as fast as you can, etc.

Mainly increase the briskness of all your everyday activities and make them into exercises. If you can’t increase the intensity of your activity try to do as much as you can.

Probably the main way of increasing your life expectancy and preventing many diseases is just to keep moving. A sure way of killing yourself is to lie in bed for hours each day. Just moving around your house will help. It’s okay if you need a walker because at least you’re moving & staying alive.

Senior exercises to stop early deaths will pump blood to your heart. The more you exercise the more blood goes to the heart. This makes it work harder to send the extra blood back out which causes the heart to get stronger.

Every day you don’t spend moving causes your heart to weaken until you could eventually die from heart failure.

All the experts tend to agree that exercise will extend your life. It’s not necessary to have a regulated or systematic exercise program although its helpful. Just remember the secret is to keep moving.

My older next door neighbor is confined to a wheel chair but still does upper body exercises to keep his blood pumping instead of just sitting around waiting to die.

There is no excuse for lack of some senior exercises to stop early death or activities every day. Like it has been mentioned before, it doesn’t have to be a lot or very intensive to be beneficial. Just do it.

9 Types of Senior Fitness Tested Equipment

Equipment used for senior fitness
Senior fitness in action

A great thing about about gaining senior fitness is you don’t need any special equipment. You can get started for free from home all the way up to a gym membership or spend a couple of thousand for equipment to put in your basement.

I believe the older you get the more you need to stay fit. Not just execise but any kind of activity is good for you. By staying fit you will hold off death that much longer.

Equipment for senior exercise takes many forms as you’ll see as you this article.

Below you’ll find information about many kinds of workout equipment for senior fitness.


Workout with items from around the house.

Just because you’re strapped for money doesn’t mean you can’t start a fitness program. You can start out with a couple of cans of soup & just keep working up with bigger cans or gallons of water. I’m sure you can find things that weigh more as you progress.

I read a story where a boy who wanted to get stronger but had no money to buy equipment so he fastened a concrete block to each end of a broom handle.

So you see there is a way where there’s a will.

Body weight exercises

This is doing exercises using just your body weight. You can do exercises like push-ups. These can be done in a lot of different ways such as starting on your knees using a chair and  & progressing to regular on the floor ones.

Dips are another one using a chair & bringing your knees up to start then extending your legs.

These are just 2 examples. I’m sure you can a lot more on Google.

Chair exercises

These are good for people that are disabled or unsteady on their feet. You can build upper body strength as well as increasing stamina and overall fitness. You can also do some leg exercises if you are somewhat mobile. There are even people who do their exercises from their wheelchair.   

Rubber cable & bands

This is a relatively inexpensive way to start exercising from home. They come in different strengths & can be used in many different ways & in the same motions as iron weights.

Iron weights  

These are what most people think about when they hear about exercising. One good thing about them they are fairly cheap, Just go to a few garage sales & you likely find all you need.

Weights can be used in many different ways to build muscle or stamina throughout your body. 

Running, jogging or walking

Depending on your fitness or goals there is a type of movement type for everyone. These are mostly for your lower body but you also get increased stamina & overall fitness.

This will also be a type of body weight exercise.


These are another way of exercising & increasing stamina. You can have them in your house & use them while watching television or reading. They are a good backup when the weather doesn’t allow outdoor activity.

Below you’ll find other  ways to use your body weight.

Equipment being used for senior fitness
Using a treadmill for senior fitness

Exercise bikes

These are similar to treadmills in that you use your legs for exercise & building stamina. The difference is that you’re sitting down. You can also watch tv or read while pedaling away.

Mechanical exercise equipment

If you would rather work out at home rather than going to a gym there literally dozens of machines that do what the bands, body weight & weights do, but just a lot more efficiently.

You can pick some of these fairly cheap at garage sales or spend a couple of thousand for new ones.

Joining a gym means you will have many different machines along with free weight and cardio programs just to name a few advantages to a gym membership. The amount of money you spend is small compared to the benefits you receive.

Senior Fitness Summary

No matter what equipment or program exercise you use, even in small amounts or with no weight, is good for you.

If you are into building big muscles or just want to keep fit or get fitter there is equipment available for you. It ranges from free to a few thousand dollars.

Don’t use age or mobility as an excuse for not getting some exercise.

If you would like to look and feel better but don’t think you can do a regular workout, remember you can with a minimum amount of workout then increase the amount & time gradually.

No matter what get moving.

Senior Online Marketers-A Website is key

Senior Online Marketer can work anywhere. Do you really need a website?The answer to this question is a resounding-YES!

Senior online marketers must have a website even there are promos online that promise to make you rich without one. No matter what they told you it’s a must for marketing if you really want to be successful in online marketing.

Most of these site’s claims don’t live up to their hype and are just there to relieve you of your money.

No matter what you see you will need a web site to showcase and sell the products for any type of online business you are planning to build . It doesn’t matter if you are going to be establishing a physical product business, selling your own products such as a book you wrote, an affiliate for a company selling any type of product or many other types of products you want to build a business around.

A website will still be needed even if you are selling books on Kindle because how else are you going to have an author page, etc. Even if you are building a Shopify store you still need a website.

If you’re a freelancer you need a website to show your portfolio to showcase what you do & tell possible clients about it. There is no way around it, you have to have a website. When you are starting out, having a website is more important than at any other time.

If you sell products on Ebay or somewhere similar you might get by without a website. You should still build one to increase your income & not being put out of business if you lose your account with them.

Let’s find out why building a website fora senior online marketer is the best way to go.

  • Building a website is easy

It used to be you had to be proficient in HTML or Dreamweaver to make an website & upload it. Today you can join a program that will almost build it for you.   & have it up & running in minutes.

Wealthy Affiliate is such a program. You can join them for free & they will teach you how to build a website on WordPress & also furnish you with a domain & hosting to build up to 2 websites. It’s so easy that in no time your site can be active.  They do have an upgrade with more bells & whistles but can stay free if you want.

Building your website is easy for most seniors with Wealthy Affiliate as they have very simple instructions to do it. I’m living proof as I’m 84 & it was a piece of cake.


  • It lets you consistently give valuable content

With a website you own you can keep adding additional content & giving value to your readers. It will be a place where subscribers can find you & learn the latest information.

As an example, when you put videos of your product or service on YouTube, you will also have a website where you can give more tips about other services or products you offer. You are able of offer valuable content which may not fit in with your videos & the content you have written will be much more valuable.


  • A senior online marketer’s website Increases authority & credibility

Having your own website automatically gives you an increased amount of authority & credibility with your readers.  Nowadays most successful senior online marketer has a personal or a business website. To build a business that has credibility you’ve got to have a website. Today having a website is a must and not just a choice.

You’ll look like an amateur or beginner if you don’t have one and much of your potential customers trust and confidence will have been lost. If you are a beginning senior online marketer you definitely need one.

They’re so easy to build there is no excuse for not having at least a simple one. You will be able to build it up as you get more experience and are able to learn what your potential customers are expecting.

  • Great place to get leads

Your website is a great place to start building your lead list. You can put opt in forms on your website and give away some sort of freebie or have an invite to join your newsletter. Having a list that you’ve build yourself from your website is the best kind and having a website is one of the fastest ways of doing it.

 You’ll have more chances to sell

With your own website you can offer a lot of related products giving you a chance to sell more. Not only can you sell more but you have the ability to become an affiliate for other things such as tours and reviews of products you sell on the website. There is no end of things to do with your own website.

  • To summarize

Website prices range all the way from free (on Wealthy Affiliate) to many hundreds of dollars. From the points mentioned in this article, you’ll realize that it’s not about whether you can afford to have a website. It’s about whether you can afford NOT to have one.

If you plan to make a profitable online business you must have a website. Most of the time you need a great domain name together with a hosting account then install WordPress & you can start filling it with blogs or products or both.

You can do this for less that $25 but if you don’t to put any money out before you learn if you can make money then you should go to Wealthy Affiliate & sign up for free. Like I mentioned before you can use their domain & hosting to build your first website. If you think you did something wrong it hasn’t cost you anything.

The great thing about doing it this way is they teach you everything you need to know about websites in easy steps.

Building a website could be the beginning of your online empire & it’s only restricted by your imagination…but remember it starts with your first website.

If you have questions or need help contact me at or see me on Wealthy Affiliate.

Seniors Walking Daily Realize 5 Benefits Now

Seniors walking daily
A senior daily walk

There are many types exercise seniors can participate in, such as yoga, Pilates, swimming & pool aerobics, just to name a few. When many seniors think about exercising they think of some of the popular ones instead of just walking. But  seniors walking daily is one of the best ways for you to stay active & live longer.

Not many think of walking as an exercise but it is & is possibly the best type of exercise for seniors. The benefits from walking are many & aren’t just for exercising but include some you may not have thought of.

Walking briskly is one of the best exercises to be found although just a stroll still has many benefits.

Below you will find all the benefits of seniors walking  daily.  

  1. Low impact

The low-impact of walking won’t cause problems in your joints like running or jogging do. Strolling or even briskly walking is very forgiving on your knees & other parts of your body. 

  1. Low intensity

Walking is a very low-intensity exercise that won’t fatigue your central nervous system like some vigorous types of working out. When you are doing high intensity interval training (HIIT), you must take a day off after each workout for maximum effect. Senior walking daily means you never have to take a day off due to it being more relaxing & gentler on the body. 

  1. Versatile

There are many different ways you can get your walking in besides planning it. Such things as parking further away from work or the store. Use the stairs whenever possible rather than the elevator.  If you need to travel a couple of blocks forget about your car & walk. Seniors daily walks are very beneficial so do it as often as you can. Your body will be grateful.

  1. Senior walking daily aids in weight management

Taking a walk may not seem to be much of an exercise but regular walking can help you lose weight & keep it off. If you go for a 30 minute walk when you are hungry it will cause your body to use some of its stored fat as its low on glycogen.

Taking a walk after your meal is also a good way to increase your metabolism which in turn helps you shed those extra pounds.

Many people believe that dieting & working out is the only way to lose weight but seniors walking daily can do the same thing. It’s easy to do & while it may take longer to lose the pounds it’s more effective as the pounds stay off.

After a while many people start dreading their work outs or diets & start coming up with excuses for not following the exact routine of the program & go back to where they were when they start or even worse.

Walking is fun & if you change your route occasionally you won’t get bored.

One more thing, get a treadmill & you won’t have to skip your walk due to weather conditions.   

  1. Great for stress relief

Walking in a park or some other place that has interesting scenery can help you relieve stress.

While on your walk you can calm yourself along with thinking things through without a lot of distractions.

Walking allows you to not worry it you are doing an exercise right or if you have to achieve failure like you do in resistance training.

You don’t have to learn some complicated routine as walking is something you’ve been doing all your life.

In addition to the benefits already mentioned walking also aides in digestion, blood circulation & your immune system. Brisk walking can improve your overall strength but even strolling has a positive effect.

An additional free health benefit

Walking in sunlight will help you get your vitamin D requirement. Many people lack vitamin D which can cause them to feel drowsy & depressed. Walking daily helps get natural vitamin D rather than out of a bottle.

Equipment Needed 

A big plus of walking is you don’t need much in the way of special equipment. About all you need is a pair of shoes. Making sure you get a good pair of walking shoes is a must & can do wonders for your feet as you go walking daily.

In Summary

By now you should be aware of all benefits of seniors walking daily as it is such a useful type of exercise that it shouldn’t be overlooked.

You don’t have to walk very far to have a beneficial effect on your health. Just start out with a short distance & progress into further distances over time.

Senior’s Best Exercise is Swimming

senior's best exercise is swimming
Senior swimmer enjoying the water!

It’s been said the a senior’s best exercise is swimming. I don’t believe the ones doing it would disagree as it’s one of the favorite types of exercise for seniors.. It’s also one of the safest as you can’t fall or lose your balance.

During this article you’ll learn why it’s a favorite & also the benefits of it.

Not everyone has access to a pool, lake or the ocean, but most seniors do or can make arrangements to access a place to swim

Senior’s best exercise is swimming for health benefits 

  • Your heart health is improved as swimming is instrumental in making your heart bigger & stronger. This does wonders for your cardio stamina & fitness.
  • Because water gives you support which helps provide a low-impact along with an almost weightless feeling as you exercise.
  • Many of the water exercises are designed to increase your flexibility.
  • You will also gain muscle strength & overall tone
  • By joining a water aerobics class you’ll likely improve your mental health.

Senior’s best exercise is swimming and water exercises 

Water walking, Arm circles, Wall chair & Leg swings are just a few of the exercises you can do in water.

American Senior Communities has a great blog that explains how to do each of the exercises along with other great information on water exercising. This is their web address.

 Where to do water exercises.

Short answer-Almost any place there’s water. Actually there are many places besides having you own pool. Many seniors live in mobile home parks that have pools. The local YMCA usually has a pool & have water exercise classes for seniors. Health clubs are that expensive for what you get: a pool & exercise lessons & all kinds of regular exercise equipment.

Of course there are lakes, rivers and the ocean. Look around & I’m sure you find somewhere to get your exercise. 

Words from an expert 

Dafna Merom, an associate professor of physical activity and health at the University of Western Sydney in Australia said in a study, “Unlike [with] land-based sports, swimmers have to create their own base of support.  At the same time, they have to produce movements that are coordinated with both upper and lower extremities.”

Equipment needed

The only thing really needed is a swim suit although some people like to wear a shower cap. Many seniors like a flotation belt or a pool noodle & use them in some of the exercises.

In Summary 

I believe almost everyone agrees that a seniors best exercise is swimming. Swimming & water exercising go hand in hand with some of both probably being the most beneficial. A lot of seniors do have balancing problems & the water will keep them from falling.

I don’t think anyone has been hurt while working out or swimming in water but I have known a few people who have had problems while exercising on land or jogging/walking.

Have you been thinking about working out or walking but just can’t bring yourself to start? Is your regular exercise getting boring & you’re finding excuses to skip or shorten them? If either of these sounds familiar I would suggest you check out water as a place to exercise senior’s best exercise is swimming.

Try to join a class. This makes the workout more fun as you can interact with people which could possibly give you a more positive outlook on life. If you can’t find a class there are many places on the internet to find exercises to do & how to do them.

Water may be a little intimidating at first but it won’t take long before you’re wondering why you didn’t do this before now. What are you waiting for, get started today.

Once you have got some swimming under your best and discovered you are the fastest swimming in the group you might want to check out competitive swimming for seniors.

Senior Exercises for Fitness Vital to Aging

Senior exercise for fitness
A senior working on fitness with exercise

Senior exercises for fitness is something you need to do as you get older. Exercise is good for you, is something we’ve heard time & again. It’s probably truer for senior citizens than it is for other age groups. A person is never too old to start a exercise fitness program even if it’s just a few minutes a day.

Do little things like parking further away from the store, walking up stairs or working in the garden. These activities  will help you increase your stamina, get stronger & improve your fitness overall.

If you are able you should think about doing exercise such as swimming, weight training or any type of sports. This article is designed to help seniors exercise for fitness.

The benefits of senior exercises for fitness

Putting exercise & physical activities in your day can benefit your life in so many ways. Senior exercises for fitness on a regular basis will help increase your balance andcimprove or retain your fitness & strength.

Your mood may improve and it could help minimize the impact of depression, heart disease, or osteoporosis.

How many seniors are exercising.

Even with the confirmed benefits, the rates of senior exercises for  fitness and physical activities are unusually low. Just 30% of persons between the ages of 45 to 64 admit to regular planned physical activities. Seniors with ages between 65 & 74 is only 15%. Seniors older than 85 see a drop to 5%.

There are four basic types of senior exercises for fitness recommended by experts. These  are Balance, Strength, Flexibility &  Endurance.


  • You can prevent falls, a major health problem for seniors, with balance exercises. These include different exercises done on 1 leg. You will likely have to hold on to something when you begin these.


  • Weight lifting & resistance band exercises help increase your muscle strength so it’s easier to carry groceries or lift the grand kids.


  • Stretching & flexing every part of your body are great exercises to aid in flexibility. It makes things like bending down to tie your shoes or reach something on the top shelf easier.


  • Ways to increase your endurance include dancing, brisk walking & swimming. These  can improve your heart, lungs & your overall circulatory system. They can also make it easier for you to climb stairs, mow the lawn & engage in your other daily activities.

An expert opinion

Dr. Richard J. Hodes, director of NIH’s National Institute on Aging, stated that, “Even if you haven’t been active previously, it’s important to get started and stay active,” he says. “We know that people want to live independently for as long as they possibly can.

Dr. Hodes also said, “By exercising regularly and including more physical activity in their daily routine, older people can preserve their physical functions,  which is key to doing the everyday things they want to do.”

Free exercise book

To aid you in getting started with your fitness routine NIH gathered some national leading experts on motivation, exercise & aging. With their expertise a guide was produced for senior exercises. It’s a guideline for the campaign for a nationwide physical activity & exercise program for persons 50 older. It’s called Go4Life.

Dr. Hodes says, “Even older persons with physical limits can safely exercise.”

Go4Life is part of a study which shows the advantages of older people exercising more and doing their activities a little more physically. This is true for all all older people even those with lingering health problems.

Go4Life has designed the exercises to be done safely at home. It’s not necessary to have any special equipment or clothing to do these exercises. Pick up the free book Exercise & Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging . This is the campaigns basic resource.

There are more free items, like tip sheets, available. Get the Workout to Go, which is a small guide to exercise, and can be used to be active anywhere & anytime.

To Summarize

I hope this article has made you realize you need to start exercising. If you have a present program you need to stick with it or even step it up some. Just remember you don’t have to go all out on your exercising. Any amount of physical movement will help. Senior exercise for fitness should be your primary goal, so get started today.

Competitive Swimming For Seniors

Competitive swimming for seniors
He’s ready to start swimming

The other day I was doing research for senior swimming and ran across something I had never thought about. I know how good swimming & pool aerobics are for senior fitness. I though about it and realized  competitive swimming for seniors might be even better exercise.

Getting Started with Competitive Swimming For Seniors

Maybe you aren’t interested in competing against others but if you are then this is for you. If you are now doing laps or pool aerobics competitive swimming might be a natural progression.

Once you’ve decided to move forward you should check into joining the groups below. These are the main ones but look at Google for competitive swimming for seniors & you’ll find some local groups.

U.S. Masters Swimming

There is an organized adult swimming program for adult called U. S Masters Swimming. It’s  an organized program of competitive swimming for seniors and other adults. It was founded in 1970 & is a nonprofit membership national governing body. Although it is for all ages you will find that it is a good organization to join if you plan to compete in swimming.

Google U.S. Masters Swimming or got to their website to get more information.

National Senior Games Association-Swimming

This organization is kind of like the Olympics but features competitive swimming for seniors only. There are qualifying meets in almost every state.

Here is their website where you can get more information.


With competitive swimming for senior, like every sport, you’ll do more exercising than competing. Although exercising in the water will be the most fun. Exercising on land is going to be an essential part of your program as you may not have access to a pool all the time.

Dryland exercises include such exercises as Flutter Kicks, Squats, Planks, Jump Rope & Medicine Ball.

To learn more about these & how to do them, go to this website or just go to Google to find more.

Pool exercises include such a number of exercises I won’t try to name them all.

Here is a great site with 40 different exercises covering every type of swimming competition.  ,as usual go to Google for more information.

Competitive swimming for seniors Training 

Dryland exercise Although not much equipment is needed for most of your training. If you have access to  exercise equipment such as rubber cables, iron weights, treadmill, etc. it’ll be helpful.

If you have access to a gym you will find all of these there.

Pool exercise Again not much is needed for a good training program. Some of what’s available are Aqua Dumbbells, Water Jogging Belt, Pool Noodle  &  AquaLogix Resistance Fins.

Check out Google for more information. 

Competitive swimming for senior coaching 

When you’re starting out you probably won’t need a coach but it won’t hurt to have one. If you can find a group that is into competition join them as they will probably have a coach.

As you progress up the competition ladder coaching will become a lot more important, so around & find one you can learn from.

In conclusion

Competitive swimming for seniors
Competition swimming

Swimming & pool exercise is probably the best exercise for seniors. Sometimes just swimming gets boring so you should join a pool aerobics group.

Because most people are competitive by nature your natural progression is to have friendly races. What can you do if you find that you don’t have much competition? It might be time to check in competitive swimming for seniors.

Most of the time you can find a swim club, YMCA or gym with a pool close enough to go to on a regular basis.

If they don’t have an organized program for competition swimming for seniors, you should think about starting one. I’ll think you’ll be surprised at the amount of interest in this.

Seniors Get in Shape With 7 Minute Workouts

Seniors get in shape with 7 minute workouts
Senior getting in shape

Seniors Get in Shape With 7 Minute Workouts

7 minutes doesn’t seem like a very long time to workout. If you ever had a typical workout routine you know it took you up to an hour to complete. Typically the workout consists of 5 or 6 different exercises of  3 sets of 10 reps in each one. Overall it probably takes an hour to complete. How many minutes of the hour was actually working out & how many resting. The actual exercise takes about 20 minutes with the rest of the time resting between sets.

Get in Shape With 7 Minute Workout time

The Seniors Get in Shape With 7 Minute Workouts is somewhat similar to the typical workout except that the actual workout takes about 7 minutes with about 15 minutes of rest time. This usually takes me longer as I’m watching TV during the workout. Would you spend 7 minutes a day 3 times a week to get in the best shape of your life?

What to eat to lose weight

The Get in Shape With 7 Minute Workouts program isn’t just about exercise if you’re planning to lose weight. The key ingredients to losing weight besides the exercise are eating more protein and fiber. You can accomplish this by eating foods that are high in these or taking supplements.

Why more fiber & protein to get in shape

The simple answer to this is that protein helps build muscle which increases your metabolism & burns calories 24 hours a day. Burning calories means weight loss. The fiber is non-soluble which means it will take longer to pass through the body helping you to feel full longer. This will ward off the between-meal snacks or the need for dessert.

I was always  a fan of mid-morning snacks but now I find its easy to wait until lunch time. I walk after each meal and would reward my self with dessert after my dinner walk. I’ve quit doing that and now have some plain popcorn & a piece of fruit.

Equipment needed for workouts

The equipment needed for the 7 minute workout can range all the way from free to a gym membership. The equipment needed is are all the way from using items from the kitchen, bands & free weights, home equipment to the sophisticated equipment found in a gym. You can workout at home, in a gym, on the beach or just about any place you can think of. .

Does it work?

Yes, it does & I’m living proof. I discovered the Get in Shape With 7 Minute Workouts 2 years ago while looking for a simpler & easier method of losing weight & getting fitter. I was finding myself looking for reasons to shorten or skip my exercises. That’s when I knew I had to find something to take its place.  Luckily I found the 7 Minute Workout.

So far I’ve lost 21 pounds & put on at least 10 pounds of muscle. I’m proud to say I’m the lightest I’ve been in the last 65 years. If I can do it at 84 years young I know you can too.


Whether your goal is to lose weight or get in better shape or both then I would say you should give the Seniors Get in Shape with 7 Minute Workouts program a look. To learn more about weight loss or better fitness go & watch this 5-minute video. It will probably be the best 5 minutes you’ve spent in a long while.

To learn more about the Get in Shape with 7 Minute Workouts & dietary information sign up for a free account then go here to get started. 

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