10 Ways Walking Benefits Senior Health

Walking Benefits Senior Health
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Walking Benefits Senior Health


If you are not a walker it’s time you considered starting especially if you’re a senior. Your doctor might just give you a prescription for walking rather than pills. A former director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Dr. Thomas Frieden believes that walking benefits senior health and that it may be the closest thing to a wonder drug.

When you walk correctly you’ll be gaining a lot of very powerful health benefits.  Some of these are weight loss along with reducing dementia & cardiovascular risks.

There are many ways that walking benefits  senior health along with everyone else’s and you’ll find 10 of them below:

  1. The immune system is given a boost.

Harvard Health did a study of 1,000 men & women that walked a minimum of 20 minutes a day 5 days a week. They found that these people had 43% less sick days than the ones that walked or exercised just once a week or less.

  1. Joint pain is eased.

Walking supports your joints by supplying them with oxygen & other nutrients according to the Arthritis Foundation. Life-giving fluids are supplied to the joint which might decrease deterioration of the joints the Foundation says.

3 It reduces the risk of Breast Cancer

A study by the Cancer Society determined that women walking 7 or more hours a week had 14% less risk of breast cancer development than ones that walked 3 or fewer hours. Keep in mind that walking benefits senior health but also benefits women of all ages.

  1. It resists the action of the genes that promote weight gain

Harvard researchers studied the promotion of obese genes in 12,000 obese people & discovered that the ones that walked at a brisk pace every day had the effects of the genes slashed in half.

  1. People with dementia had a boost in brain function.

A breakthrough study by researchers at the University of British Columbia found that people with dementia who walked 1 hour 3 times a week not only lowered their blood pressure but their brains also had improvement on cognitive tests. The conclusion was that the walker’s brains were more efficient with better thinking skills than a control group.

  1. The risk of cardiovascular disease is lowered.

The American Heart Association (AHA) concluded that a brisk pace of 150 minutes a week lowers levels of cholesterol in the blood along with lowering blood pressure readings.

  1. Life longevity is increased.

The AHA estimated that life expectancy may be increased 2 hours for every hour of walking briskly. Its not only true that walking benefits senor health but its good for all ages.

  1. Walking beats osteoporosis.

American Bone Health states that bone health activity is crucial for healthy bones. The term is  “osteogenic loading” which means the bone cells utilize more calcium & other minerals for increased bone density. A longer stride in walking also helps prevent osteoporosis. This is something seniors should keep in mind as walking benefits senior health.

  1. Depression & anxiety are also eased.

An Australian study says that exercise of moderate-intensity like walking bettered the life quality of women of middle-age. 1 in 10 adults suffers from depression with women 70% more likely to be depressed than men.

  1. Your longing for sweets is controlled.

The University of Exeter showed in a study that 15 minutes of walking could reduce the longing for chocolate & even lessened the amount of chocolate eaten in a situation that was stressful.

In summary 

If the facts in this study didn’t convince you that walking benefits senior health and their are many benefits for the  physical & mental health of all ages.

I walk after every meal every day which not only increases my metabolism but helps me stay away from sweets. I’m 84 and plan to live to at least 100. I believe walking will be a big help for that.

You don’t have to walk for miles to get the benefits. Just start out with a short walk & increase it a short distance from time to time.  Do your walking on a regular basis and before you know it you’ll be a first-class walker.

Even though walking is beneficial for all ages older people should to it as walking benefits senior health.

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